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We are close to the Nelspruit CBD, various shopping centres, the N4 highway, private hospital, Ilanga Mall (less than 2km), Riverside Mall and the Emnotweni Casino to name a view.


As the first rays of light peer over the Eastern horizon greeting the Kruger National Park, it will signal for its gates to open. This is where you will begin your bush Ulendo. ‘Going-to-bush’ and discovering Africa over a full day, is an extraordinary experience. Waking with all of its wildlife and watching as they go about their daily journey, our guides will interpret and share with you their story. We want our Safarras to experience the Kruger National Park visually, imaginatively and emotionally.

Kaapsche Hoop

The discovery of gold in the streams around Kaapsche Hoop is what led to the establishment of this town in 1882. There are wonderful activities including horse carriage rides, horseback riding (not with the wild horses) and hiking.

Sudwala Caves

The Sudwala Caves are the oldest known caves in the world formed over 3000 million years ago, the caves display fossils as well as some magnificent stalagmites and stalactites. Visitors to the caves can take an hour long tour through the tunnels into the main chamber known as the PR Owen Amphitheatre.

Lowveld National Botanical Gardens

The Lowveld National Botanical Gardens are located in Nelspruit and cover over 159 hectares of land, crossing both the Crocodile and the Nels Rivers. The gardens are open daily throughout the year and has over 600 plant species occurring naturally in it and over 2000 that have been introduced.